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Coping with Stress and Uncertainty – for Health Professionals: COVID and Beyond

By November 12, 2020January 17th, 2022No Comments

MINDCHECK HP recently presented at the MEDD LIVE VIRTUAL MEDICAL CONFERENCE August 2020 on the topic of Coping with Stress and Uncertainty – for Health Professionals , with a focus on COVID and beyond.

We discuss: general research findings on mental health in doctors and the impact of pandemics on the mental wellbeing of health professionals; risk factors for stress and other mental health issues inherent in the daily lives of medical professionals and resulting from pandemics; and coping strategies to manage the stress and distress brought about by COVID-19 and to support longer-term wellbeing and career sustainability and satisfaction.

Hope you find some useful tips and a nudge to start prioritising your self-care and work-life balance to support your mental health.