“A psychology service exclusively for health professionals”

Our Difference

MINDCHECK Health Professionals (HP) developed out of a genuine concern for the mental health and wellbeing of health care providers and a desire to be part of a change towards taking better care of our health carers. We have been distressed by reports in the media in recent years around the plight of our medical professionals and, in particular, the astonishing rate of mental health issues and suicides in the profession. Throughout our clinical practice we have worked with health professionals across various disciplines and have noticed common stressors, work-related challenges, and barriers to help-seeking, that increase vulnerability to mental health difficulties. It was apparent that there was a need for an independent, confidential psychological service focussed on attending to the mental wellbeing of our health care professionals.


We wish to be part of a change that sees:

    • reduced stigma around mental illness and increased treatment seeking
    • increased access to mental health support services
    • provision of excellence and best practice in mental health care for our health care providers

At the end of the day, health care providers are individuals that face similar challenges and are vulnerable to the same mental health issues as the general population. However, stigma and an expectation to be immune to stressors, both from within the health care profession and the general community, contributes to reduced access to support services.

Mental health issues among health care providers are not a matter of lack of resilience. As part of their everyday lives, health professionals regularly face:

      • stress
      • long working hours
      • trauma
      • grief and loss
      • emotional injuries

Often facing these at a greater rate than the general population, the stressors of the job can exceed the coping resources and resilience capacity of even the most ‘robust’ of individuals.

MINDCHECK HP is a psychology service operating out of Brisbane but reaching health professionals nationally.

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Our mission is to provide healthcare professionals with high quality and comprehensive psychological services to improve wellbeing and life satisfaction.

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As health professionals ourselves we understand the stressors and demands that come with being a health care provider.

Challenges and Pressures

Health professionals are not immune to psychological distress. Despite the rewarding nature of providing health care, you can also face unique challenges and pressures.


MINDCHECK HP provides individually-tailored, evidence-based psychological services to health professionals and their families at an individual and organisational level. The service includes individual therapy, professional development, supervision, and group-based therapeutic interventions.


In addition to providing therapeutic treatment services, MINDCHECK HP will contribute to the research and knowledge around the mental health and wellbeing of health professionals.

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