Feedback-Informed Treatment (FIT)

At MINDCHECK HP we strive to provide our health professionals with:

  • excellence in care
  • a therapy experience that is collaborative
  • therapy that is individualised to your needs

We provide evidence-based psychological treatment and monitor and evaluate outcomes to ensure the effectiveness of our treatment and services.

A significant body of research evidence indicates that the therapeutic alliance (the quality of the therapist-client relationship) is a key factor in determining positive outcomes from therapy. Of significance, this research has identified that the client’s perceptions of the alliance, rather than the therapist’s, is a stronger predictor of psychological treatment outcomes. As such, MINDCHECK HP adopts a Feedback-Informed Treatment approach to our services.

To facilitate best outcomes from your treatment, our clinicians will gain feedback from you about:

  • the therapeutic alliance
  • your progress across sessions

Feedback about your treatment goals, the ‘fit’ of therapy, and your progress will be integrated each session to ensure you are getting the most out of therapy.

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