Seeking a Psychologist Passionate About Driving Change In The Lives of Health Professionals (Including Your Own)


Get Acquainted With Our Team

We are MINDCHECK HP – humans first and health professionals second. We are a unique private practice that is dedicated to providing psychological services exclusively to health professionals and their families across Australia. We are passionate about improving the wellbeing of all health professionals, not only through individual therapy but on a larger scale. We recognise that burnout is rife in our community. In order to stay passionate about the work that we do, we need a workplace that priortises self-care and sustainability. We practice what we preach.

We are seeing more and more health professionals from a wide range of disciplines wanting to improve their wellbeing. As a psychologist, it is incredibly rewarding to work with individuals who are motivated to improve their mental health and driven to make positive changes in their lives.

These Values Define How We Live And Work As People And Professionals:


Engagement – Connect to self and others with deep compassion and commitment.

Action –  Inspire and facilitate change within self, others, and community.

Flexibility – Willingness to adapt to support development.

Growth – Willingness to experience discomfort and have the courage to change.

Trust –  Follow through with integrity.

We Want To Get To Know You If:

You are a passionate and caring psychologist who is interested in driving change for health professionals. You might not feel like an expert in this area but are willing to learn and grow with support from our team. You will mainly work with adults but have the opportunity to work with adolescents and/or couples if so desired.

You will need:

  • Registration as a General or Clinical psychologist in Australia
  • Eligible for a Medicare provider number
  • Clinical experience working with adults
  • Master’s or Doctoral level qualification in Psychology
  • Professional indemnity insurance
  • Growth mindset

Desirable qualities:

  • A minimum of 2 years clinical experience post full registration is preferred.
  • Experience and interest working with couples is a bonus.
  • Private practice experience preferable but not required

How We Will Work Together

Starting at a new practice can feel overwhelming at times. We will support you by helping you to make new connections and build a client base that energises you. We have developed our ICARE program, which is designed to support you in establishing a sustainable and fulfilling career. As part of the foundation of our ICARE program we can offer:

Flexibility– part-time or full-time contractor role between 2-5 days. Come into our newly refurbished modern consulting rooms or work remotely with our telehealth clients. We do not believe in rigid KPIs.

Renumeration – high earning capacity with the opportunity to increase with career progression. Clinical experience will be taken into consideration.

Clinical and Career Support – Regardless of experience or stage in your career, we provide a range of internal and external supports such as private practice mentoring, access to external business coach and group supervision.

Full Administration Support – Our Client Care Team is there to reduce your non-clinical workload so you can focus more on your clients as well as your personal and professional goals.

Wellbeing – We offer a range of wellbeing events and initiatives to facilitate team engagement and opportunities for personal growth.

Role Diversity – Want to make a difference on a larger scale? If so, we have opportunities to develop and deliver your own workshops and programs. We have strong collaborative relationships with several multidisciplinary health organisations.

Feedback – we are a team that welcomes and incorporates regular feedback to facilitate growth and positive change. Your feedback matters!

We will work with you to create a balanced workload that fosters work-life balance and allows for long term growth. There is no one-size-fits-all. Ultimately, we are a caring and authentic community with a strong vision and culture to drive change in the lives of health professionals.

How You Can Get In Touch

If you are interested in joining our team and being part of a valuable endeavour, please send your CV to Dr Amy Kwan at Alternatively, you can contact us at (07) 3847 8094 if you have further questions.