Darryn Haug

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Darryn Haug

Darryn Haug

Registered Psychologist

  • B.A. (Hons)(Psych.)
  • M.Psych. (Clin.)

Darryn is passionate about catalysing a positive-change orientation in those she works with and her approach is characterized by blending rigour with creativity, gravity with humour, challenge with compassion and contemplation with action. She recognises that individuals require relevant information and assistance that enables them to positively redesign their approach to life’s challenges and actualize their unique individual goals.

Darryn currently works with adults. She offers evidence-based psychotherapeutic interventions (inter alia, cognitive-behavioural therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, mindfulness based therapy, brain-based and narrative therapies) which she individually tailors in a comprehensive, collaborative, patient-centred, practical manner.

Her areas of interest include, but are not limited to, anxiety, depression, burnout, grief, adjustments and transitions related to neurological and medical diagnoses, siblings of children with chronic illnesses, survivors of sexual abuse, trauma and posttraumatic stress, psychosomatic presentations and conversion disorders, memory/cognitive disorders and rehabilitation.

After completing her masters degree in Clinical Psychology at The University of Adelaide, Darryn gained extensive experience as a psychologist working in many different settings in both Australia and South Africa, including psychiatric institutions, hospitals, community settings, state departments, NPO’s and private practice.

Darryn is experienced in group interventions and has initiated and facilitated a variety of therapeutic groups. Furthermore, she has experience in forensic clinical work, neuropsychological medico-legal assessments of brain-injured patients and independent psychological assessments for insurers. In addition to assessment and therapeutic work, she has contributed to mental health days and allied health training/workshops and has presented at multi-disciplinary case conferences and peer supervision meetings. She has also lectured undergraduate and Honours psychology courses at two private universities.

Prior to qualifying as a psychologist she worked as a professional nurse and midwife. Darryn is a mum of three teenagers, loves making gardens, inventing things, hiking in wild places, writing poetry, learning anything, contemplating the ridiculous and having a good belly laugh!

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