Carolina Farinacci

Carolina Farinacci

Clinical Psychologist

  • BSSc (Psych)
  • MPsych (Clinical)
  • MAPS Endorsed Area of Practice – Clinical Psychology

Carolina is highly motivated to assist her clients in enhancing the quality of their lives. Her approach recognises the entirety of the individual and their unique struggles, all within the context of their experiences, past and present. She works with adults, couples and families. She enjoys group work and delivering workshops. In particular, as a carer herself, she knows the battle between being competent at giving help and then needing help and how does a helper ask for help!?  We spend so much time at work, that when there is distress, it impacts our whole life.  Helping helpers thrive and improve their quality of life, for Carolina, is an honourable endeavour.

Carolina is also particularly passionate about providing psychological support to pharmacists, who play a crucial role in the healthcare system.  With firsthand knowledge of the pressures within the industry and having already worked with many pharmacists, Carolina understands that offering psychological support specific to these dedicated professionals is vital for promoting their mental health, job satisfaction and overall optimal patient care.

With over two decades of experience with a diverse range of complex presentations, she works in a client-centered and collaborative way and knows that most of the change happens in the alliance, no matter what the technique is being utilised.  Engaging and connecting in the here-and-now, resonating with compassion and helping clients make the changes they want, is part of how she works.

Some of the evidence-based approaches that she incorporates include Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), mindfulness-based psychotherapies, somatic & sensorimotor techniques, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Gottman couples’ approach, compassionate based and positive psychology frameworks. Whether it is emotional challenges, problematic thoughts, challenging behaviours that cause distress or problems in relationships, these above approaches, in her opinion, have something to offer all people.

Working closely with her clients, she establishes personalised treatment goals for both short and long-term therapy. Carolina feels an unwavering dedication to aid her clients in achieving their desired changes, while fostering a validating, self-accepting and non-judgmental environment. She has found her work, thus far, highly motivating and rewarding.


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